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It’s a star turn, for Carlile-Price manages to convey a brittle gayety masking both fear and self-doubt, and her take on the musical’s signature song, “Cabaret" rips your heart out. 

-Connecticut Theatre News


The star of the show is Melissa Carlile whose portrayal of Charity is mature beyond her years and unquestionable one of the best performances I have witnessed.  

-Centre Daily Times, PA


A clear audience favorite: the statuesque Melissa Carlile-Price as the ditzy, lustful Rosaline.  You’ll laugh out loud a few dozen times, over half of them courtesy of Ms. Carlile-Price.

-The Local East Village, New York Times


The sparkling Melissa Carlile-Price delivers one of the most intense and perfectly acted songs in the show, "Colored Lights."


Melissa Carlile Price: her Janet is much more than the usual boring Musical Theatre ingénue; her “Show Off” left me breathless.

-Theatre Louisville

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